MALOLOS CITY, Bulacan — RONDA Balita News Online teams up with tech solutions company, AfterTech, in its advocacy programs for the City of Malolos and beyond, in ceremonies that featured a presentation of its social media management agenda and a signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the two organizations on Friday, at Sitio Tres Restaurant, this City.

“The merger was conceived with the seed idea that entrepreneurship and media are not, and should not be limited to business enterprise and on-line journalism, but should stay faithful to the social responsibility of their calling,” said Joel Bagay, AfterTech CEO.

Ronda Balita News Online Publisher and RONDA Balita Weekly Newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief Manny D. Balbin said the partnership was a strategic move to raise the bar of online journalism and the manner by which public information and service is dispensed, by tapping on the innate potential of netizens to participate in the social conversation via the internet.

“Despite the pressing concerns that Facebook and similar social media platforms are being hacked to serve dubious interests, they have the power to push for the greater good, if people can begin to understand their significant role in influencing that conversation, and in finding the right solution,” Balbin said.

MEDIA FOR THE PEOPLE Ronda Balita editor-in-chief Manny D. Balbin speaks to local media to be more active in pushing relevant and timely social issues through partnership with responsive sectors who can elevate the level of on-line conversation through social media platforms and web-based applications.

The Ronda-AfterTech Digital Advocacy Team announced that they are currently developing creative content and web applications to address the public clamor to solve the worsening garbage problem, and the call to raise industry standards in establishing sustainable structures in the near future.

“We know for a fact that there are viable solutions out there. AfterTech has been partnering with technology firms that offer alternatives. All we need to do now is allow our public to join the conversation and find out for themselves what works,” said Rem Faustino, AfterTech Chief Marketing Officer.

Gracing the event were Mr. Mark Lester Santos, Human Resources Officer, and Information Technology Head, Mr. Joel Eugenio, representing Malolos Mayor Gilbert Gatchalian.